Why Workwiz?

With over 15 years’ experience, we know what it means to put technology at the heart of business. We create innovative solutions with clients’ business and technology needs in mind.

Our Pedigree

Workwiz is a software development company, based in London. With our team of in-house senior developers, technical architects and project managers, we focus on the development of web and cloud-based solutions, application integration, API development and management, and cloud migration for local authorities, central governments and SMEs. Over the years, we have developed and deployed everything from citizen portals and HR applications, such as onboarding and appraisal systems, to childcare booking platforms and mobile applications linked with CRMs.


Franck Merlin

CEO and Founder

Franck is a seasoned technology veteran with a passion for digital technology. His 26 years in the industry underpins our ability to use cutting-edge technology in a manner that is appropriate, compliant and in full support of brand strategy.



Rodrigue Kuate

Lead Developer

Leveraging his full-stack development expertise and endless thirst for knowledge, Rodrigue and his team have helped Workwiz deliver meanigful projects which have made an impact on their respecitive organisations.


Our Expertise

We are driven by our ambition to offer innovative digital solutions that modernise organisations and align digital transformation agendas with business goals. By combining our skill, expertise and technical know-how with the latest technology and emerging, agile development techniques and approaches, we offer a differentiated, bespoke experience for each client.

Let's talk about your next project

Whatever it may be, we would love to hear about your challenge, send us an email or give us a call to get the ball rolling.