How do organisations seamlessly share data?


In a world where technology has become the backbone of the global economy and the heart of trillions of organisations around the world, the offer of software, both available on the market and necessary to run a business, never seems to stop growing. And although, the diversity and choices available might at time appear overwhelming, we have to admit that this is all for the best.

We now all have access to pieces of software to -almost- perfectly meet the needs of any department or to comply with any specific task, be it customer service, accounts, hr, network security, the list goes on. Almost indeed, as for some more complex processes an organisation will have to resort to software customisation or bespoke development, but let’s leave this for another conversation.

As I said, the palette of software and platforms available all seems to be and surely is, a blessing, BUT, there is a caveat; indeed if all these platforms and pieces of software deliver what is expected at their level, sharing data between one another will, at best, quickly become clunky and time consuming and worse could compromise data security. If re-keying data you already hold somewhere is in itself a non-sense, trying to consolidate reports generated from different systems will be as tedious as it is prone to inaccuracies.

Thankfully there is no fate in this, and we can help you implement leaner processes. Our extended experience and expertise enable us to bridge different systems. Integration either be achieved through direct integration or by developing middleware components to efficiently share information without compromising systems’ integrity and security, thus helping you reduce or suppress convoluted processes and use resources where they can bring added value.

If you feel that your current infrastructure and processes need to be streamlined, contact us to discuss your needs.

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