Solving the GDPR compliance conundrum.


Let’s face it, GDPR is a minefield. We know it, and you know it. As a business owner, you already have a million and one responsibilities; the need to assure the way data is stored, collected and used is now another addition on your never-ending to-do list. But now that the GDPR deadline has passed, you’re breathing a sigh of relief – the hard work is over, it’s just the small job of maintaining compliance now.

But this in itself can bring about several challenges for businesses. Once you’ve gained compliance, how do you go about monitoring company-wide compliance? For large organisations, this can prove particularly difficult when having to contend with different teams, high staff turnover and a huge number of datasets being handled day-to-day. Quite simply, how can you ensure that every employee within your organisation is meeting the requirements for GDPR? With GDPR fines costing up to £20 million or 4% of annual turnover, a mere oversight could mean significant losses for an organisation. So what’s the solution?

GDPR Software to save the day!

Here at Workwiz, we wanted to provide our customers with something simple. So forget the shpiel, the buzz-words and the marketing terms, here’s what we offer: a GDPR governance solution that follow GDPR’s four key compliance steps: assessment; reporting and analysis; recommendations; and awareness training and review. Sounds simple, huh?

So, what is it? Our GDPR governance solution is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud and allows your organisation to identify exactly where it is on its GDPR compliance journey. The solution provides insight into which areas need to be improved on, with appropriate recommendations to do so, and how far to go before you can achieve company-wide compliance.

By harnessing Power BI tools, automation and offering API integration with your existing internal programs and application, our solution ensures a step-by-step GDPR compliance guide that guarantees maximum results, and minimum effort. So that’s one solution, four simple steps to follow, and guaranteed, ongoing GDPR compliance. Seems pretty simple, right?

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