One framework, endless possibilities.

The Workwiz Process Framework enables organisations to unlock their true potential by automating their processes and workflows.

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Increase Outlook

The framework delivers staff with clear responsibilities and tasks.

Increase Efficiency

With more clarity afforded to employees, more strucutre is introduced resulting greater completion of tasks.

Increase Revenue

With increased efficiency, the framework allows organisations to capitalise on their profitability

How it works

The Workwiz Process Framework (WPF) is a flexible solution delivered as a SaaS platform designed to allow organisations to assess and manage their compliance to industry or legal frameworks, internal procedures or code of conduct on an on-going basis. In addition, the platform provides management with visibility on the status and upcoming events of their teams.

Simple or complex, it can do it all

Multiple processes can be defined within the platform with tasks assigned to the different teams and team members to complete. Each user has access to its own set of tasks. Tasks can have attributes, dependency, timelines, routing, triggers etc. Users will receive alerts and communication based on the attributes and triggers such as when a task needs to be performed or to start task following completion of an event by another team.

The platform can define complex processes involving multiple teams in different geographies. Activity on the platform are rolled up by teams, groups and entities so management at different level can monitor activities and team performance.

Built with security in mind

In case of breaches or crisis, the response process can be mapped within the platform to guide teams and monitor how the crisis is managed. The audit trail allows management to investigate any issues or give justification to compliance authorities if needed.

Built for every purpose

As a compnay our foucs is set on four key areas, development, integration, APIs, and migration. These are the cornerstones of our business which we deliver seamlessley with the expertise of our team.

Asset Management
Human Resources
Rule Management

and more...

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Workwiz GDPR

Workwiz GDPR is a platform which helps your business stay on the right side of the GDPR by implementing a bespoke solution to continuously manage, analyze, and mesure your compliance.

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