API Development & Management

Workwiz has acquired an extensive knowledge building, deploying, and managing APIs in various environments.

Greater Flexibility with APIs

There is a lot of talk around the API Economy, API management, API monetisation and so forth. Before becoming an “economy”, API was a key tool in the development arsenal to allow two application to talk to each other or to interact with other external or internal systems, libraries, and components. APIs have the potential to add significant value to a business or an application and its usage allows the expansion of new business areas and significantly helps to drive better data insights, user experience and functionalities.

API Development

APIs can take many forms, from a simple data extraction to an application capable of handling or enabling complex tasks, Workwiz will help you understand how to leverage your infrastructure, the tools available, and the processes you have in place across the organisation to capture that value and deliver significant benefits from your API investment


Computers rather than people can manage the work. Through APIs, organisation can automate business processes and work flows, increasing productivity and efficiency by releasing staff from some manual tasks.


APIs help to anticipate changes. One of the key benefits of APIs are that they offer flexibility, so when changes need to be made they can be made quickly and effectively without affecting other areas of a system.


Combine blocks from a range of categories to build APIs that are rich in value and interoperability to enhance and bring true value out of your systems.


API management allows you to take advantage of the data anayltics and insights provided by said APIs with through the use of reporting tools.

API Management

API management can be a key tool in extracting value from an implemented solution. Workwiz will manage or help you manage deployed APIs to ensure that thair investment value is obtained.

On-going Support

For everything we deliver, including APIs, we provide on-going support to help and respond to any queries or issues which may arise down the line.

Reduced Overhead

API management can lead to reduced overhead as optimizing or adapting APIs presents itself as an easier task than redesiging a bespoke solution.

Workwiz will share its expertise in designing, developing and implementing successful APIs. We will ensure that your APIs and their associated back-end systems are secure in term of access, the data it handles and in the communication channels it enables, as well as running at a high-performance level.

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