Application Development

Our development services cover a wide range of platforms, from simple websites to robust software we have all the tools and knowledge to deliver relevant solutions to our clients.

Better Service, Better Software

As a development partner we draw on our experience and immerse ourselves within your business to understand your strategy and requirements, and then work on defining use cases, functionalities, and developing architecture fit for your environment, existing systems, and future plans. Below are just some of the reasons we think our development services will work for you:

Stay in control

As the business owners you and your teams are continually involved throughout the various phases of development.

Adapt to changing requirements

We employ an agile way of working which allows for changing requirements during the development process without disruption to project delivery or cost.

UK Based

Our team is UK-based and is composed of experienced developers, which allows us to work faster and better to provide a cost-effective and timely delivery.

Ongoing Support

Whatever the delivered solution we provide ongoing support to all our clients.

One for All, All for One

Whether your development project is tailored exclusivly for one device or is open to all platforms our expertise will allow us to work quickly and effectivly to build and deliver a powerful and intuitive application.

Business Applications

When specific needs cannot be served by commercial applications or SaaS services, organisations need to consider bespoke development to match the specificities of their processes and workflows. Over the past 15 years we have developed customized and evolutive solutions allowing councils, social services, housing association and commercial companies to provides new services and enjoy significant savings.

To successfully translate business needs into the right solutions we pay particular attention to:

  • The end objectives the solution must fulfil.
  • The target users, their constraints and computer abilities.
  • The budgets and timeframes.
  • The existing IT environment with a particular emphasis on how the application might impact on existing systems.
  • How the application might evolve in the future.

This approach led us to develop solutions as varied as:

  • Real time social workers meeting and room booking systems linked to customer information screens for large councils synchronized across multiple locations and multiple councilors disciplines.
  • HR applications including recruitment workflow from job opening to final offers and new joiner integration, one to one appraisal management, HR management dashboard.
  • Real-estate assets management, maintenance and repair.
  • Parking management systems.

Web Applications

Web applications offers users the flexibility of access from anywhere and companies a cost-effective way to manage and maintain the infrastructure to run the apps. Our developments can be tailored exclusively for one device or open to various platforms. Our team expertise will allow us to work quickly and effectively to build and deliver a powerful application. Those applications must be intuitive, responsive, fast and secure in order to reach widespread user acceptance and satisfaction.

Workwiz developers are well verse at providing ambitious and complex applications, including with high level of integration with back end systems. Some of our web app development includes:

  • Citizen portal to provide citizens of a major council access to all online services of the council from a single interface.
  • A children activity booking management portal for children activity clubs and schools used by over 900 organisations and 100,000 parents.
  • An HR talent management portal.

Let's talk about your next project

Whatever it may be, we would love to hear about your challenge, send us an email or give us a call to get the ball rolling.