Application Integration

We provide application integrations to help clients enrich their systems and modularize infastructure. Whether it be digitizing legacy systems or improving and enhancing already digitized systems, we ensure integrations are done efficeintly, with real purpose, and delivering real value.

Quick and Easy Transitions

There is increasing pressure to meet evolving business needs via innovative digital solutions which is why many successful organisations have digital transformation high on their agendas. The challenges of transforming legacy systems are vast and varied. Failure to tackle these can lead to the very opposite goal of digital trasnformation.

Workwiz provides a different approach to how integrations are developed and used, we are all about preserving the investment in the existing systems. We use modern technology to aggregate business workflows and connect multiple services together in a consistent and scalable way. This translates in improved efficiencies that allow the management of complex data flows and business rules.

See some examples of past integrations:


Aggregation of multiple back-end systems into a single-user interface via the development of a middleware platform using different business processes with synchronized data flow to various back-end systems.


Automation of the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding process by linking an external recruitment portal to an existing HR system.

Waste Management

Unifed the data flow and format between different systems to provide a waste collection service from a single work request via a citizen web portal.

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