Discover talent as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The Workwiz Talent Management Framework enables you to streamline your recruitment, onboarding, and employee maintenance processes.

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Increase Outlook

Receive accurate views of the state of affairs as regards to the talent management within the company.

Easy Access

Users can access all services from any computer or mobile devices 24/7.

Fully Modular

The application procides a modular struture to fit the needs of different businesses.

Streamline your recruitment process

Workwiz Talent Management is a SaaS application developed to provide local authorities and organisations with a large number of agency recruitment needs the tool to effectively manage the recruitment, onboarding, appraisal and staff development processes with minimum resources and provide management with accurate level of reporting on HR matters.

A modular approach to recruitment to fit the needs of every business


The recruitment module allows managers handle the full recruitment process from the opening of the position, definition of the job description, budget approval, talent search, reception of CV, interviews, etc. – directly from the platform. The module can be directly interfaced with recruitment providers to automate the provision of their services.

On Boarding

Once the positions are fulfilled and the candidates have accepted their offers, the platform can onboard the new recruits with an automatic propagation of their HR information to all the different systems including creation of their accounts in active directory, payroll information, etc.


The application supports the trickle down of the corporate objective to the division, team and individual objectives and KPI’s to be taken into account as part of individual one to one appraisal. Employees and managers can use the platform to book and prepare for the appraisals as well as record the outcomes and any dispute elements if any.


Those plans, whether personal or company requirements can be planed, booked and organized through the platform. Any accreditation or diploma can be recorded into the platform and progress towards qualifications monitored through the platform.

Out of Office

Allow individual users to book their holidays, out of office work requests, illness, etc. directly from the platform with the information propagated for approval or to be filtered to other HR systems.

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